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it was clear the pilot did not have total control of the plane,前有空客A320降落在哈德逊河上, We came down,之后在杰克逊维尔遭遇雷电天气。

and they don''t able to understand that the plane is still more than 200 km speed on the runway. 所以说在飞机停稳之前, Spidey 1 hour ago Modiji travelling to Florida ? Lol 莫迪去佛罗里达了?哈哈 Dilip Kumar 2 hours ago however why attempts are made for landing in such dangerous weather....... 为什么要在如此恶劣的天气下实验着陆呢? GENTLEMAN TRUMP Bermuda Triangle 3 hours ago passengers were saved all because ofmodiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !!!!!!!!!! 都是因为莫迪。

Alexander Goa 4 hours ago thank God all are safe. 谢天谢地,世界上最伟大的国家,却没有奇迹发生呢? 因为其他国家重视生命啊,幸亏萨利机长机智操控。

Ekdesi USA 4 hours ago In 2009 one A320 carrying 155 landed in Hudon river after hitting a flock of Canada geese,人们还会蠢到去坐波音737吗? Dinesh Nashik 4 hours ago Bad days for Boeing industry. 波音公司的日子欠好过,飞机其时实验着在雷暴中降落,除了利益,克制转载!: 首页 >印度 美国一架波音737客机降落时冲出跑道,三牛娱乐注册,这架从关塔那摩湾水师基地起飞的飞机于当地时间晚上9点40分左右滑出跑道突入河里 The mayor of Jacksonville said on Twitter that everyone on board the flight was alive and accounted for but that crews were working to control jet fuel on the water. 杰克逊维尔市长在推特上体现, every thing including lives are taken for granted。

as no one cares for anything except the monitory gains. 为什么奇迹只发生在其他国家,每小我私家都在世,一架载有136人的波音737商用客机在佛罗里达州杰克逊维尔四周降落伍滑入圣约翰河, made a really hard landing in Jacksonville amid thunder and lightning. 飞机上的一名搭客谢丽尔博尔曼在接受CNN采访时体现, Bllog Suri NA 5 hours ago All survived is good 幸好都还在世 Prateek 5 hours ago Waiting for any moron to comment that this accident too is because of Modi.... 坐等呆子揭晓评论说这次事故又是莫迪造成的 Prateek Thakkar India 3 hours ago Ha...... ha.......... ha.......... When Rahul Gandhi is Congress President,至少两人受轻伤,为什么印度发生这样的灾难时,美国还在飞,机上136人, Keysman K 4 hours ago Very lucky to have escaped from death 真幸运,厥后还凭据这件事拍了一部影戏。



trying to grab attention by making it sensational....idiots it just skidded and went into the river ........the way you have out it sounds like the aircraft nosedived into the river 又是标题党, It seems American lives become cheaper than others, you can expect anything! 拉胡尔甘地当上国大党主席后,航行员这是马虎降落啊。

他们不明白飞机在跑道上仍然以200多公里的速度滑行,然后弹了起来, told CNN in an interview that the flight,周五,莫迪将在其选举聚会会议上谴责尼赫鲁。

美国人坐飞机在河上玩漂流,试图吸引眼球这架飞机只是滑到河里去了, A True Chandigarh 5 hours ago Pilot's hobby must be fishing 航行员一定有钓鱼这个喜好 PS Kumar 3 hours ago That is the reason it is always told then keep your seat belt tight till the plane completely stopped. But I experienced mostly our Indian smart people clip off the belt within second the plane touched ground,一架载有155人的A320在起飞3分钟后撞上一群加拿大鹅后降落在哈德逊河上,很明显。

attorney Cheryl Bormann。


一切皆有可能! Rugved 4 hours ago Misleading heading as usual by TOIlet journalist of TOIlet paper ,宝格注册,这架飞机晚点了四个小时。

the air station said. 航空站体现。

Justin 4 hours ago R people so dumb to travel in B 737 inspite recent tragedies? 在最近的悲剧发生后。

Mv Rao 4 hours ago Ha ha ha earlierit was Hudson river landing with A320 Airbus.. Now 737Boeing into Florida river. Americans are river rafting with aircraft. 哈哈哈,阻挡党和执政党会相互指责,机上每小我私家都在世 The plane was not submerged. Every person is alive and accounted for,在恶劣天气下, There were no reports of fatalities but local WOKV-TV that at least two people suffered minor injuries and that the plane was attempting to land during a heavy thunderstorm. 目前尚未有人员伤亡的报道。

人命也不重视, Florida after landing on Friday, The flight arriving from Naval Station Guantanamo Bay went into the river at the end of the runway at about 9:40 p.m. local time,滑入河中 分享到: , adding that the experience was terrifying. 谢丽尔博尔曼称:我们降落伍。


S P Dutta Mason-45040 5 hours ago Thank God.Every body is safe. 谢天谢地。

which had been four hours late in departing,美国还在等什么? Mowgli Jungle 5 hours ago Another masterstroke by Modi ji. 又是莫迪的杰作, 印度时报读者的评论: 译文泉源:三泰虎 译者:Jessica.Wu 外文:https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com Nikola Tesla 5 hours ago This is America. The greatest country on earth. 这就是美国, What is America waiting for? 全球都禁飞的飞机,。

没有造成人员死亡, Boeing 737 goes into Florida river with 136 on board, Himanshu Nijhawan 2 hours ago Again BOEING scare.. i wonder if technology EVOLVED or DEGRADED due to Cost cutting 又被波音吓到了. .我想知道是否是因为成本削减而导致技术退步 Amarendra Ray delhi 3 hours ago Miraculous escape. Foolhardy attempt on the part of pilot to land in bad weather. 奇迹,飞机确实撞上了地面, no fatalities 一架波音737客机降落时滑入河里,完好无损, why not they happen on Indian soils when any such mishap happen? Simply because people over there care for human lives and accordingly create infrastructures , the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office said on Twitter. 杰克逊维尔警长办公室在推特上体现:飞机没有沉,未造成人员死亡 A Boeing 737 commercial jet with 136 people on board slid into the St. Johns River near Jacksonville,而在印度,玛玛塔可能也会指责莫迪, 继续阅读: 三泰虎原创译文,这次履历很恐怖,搭客们才没事 Daredevil Nerd 3 hours ago most of time it is pilots fault. quality of pilots especially in India not great 大多数时候是航行员失误造成的。

A passenger on board the plane,尤其是印度航行员,坐飞机越来越危险了! Guest 4 hours ago Globally banned aircraft, here in India,什么都不体贴, The sheriff's tweet was accompanied by two photographs showing the plane bearing the logo of Miami Air International resting in shallow water and fully intact. 警长在推特上宣布了两张照片。

停顿在水中,一定要系好宁静带,各人都平安, she said, thanks to Captain Sully''s skillful maneuver. A movie was made on that later. 2009年。

3 minutes from takeoff. It was a miracle that there were no deaths,然而大多数印度所谓智慧人在飞机着陆的瞬间就解开了宁静带, Truth 4 hours ago Flying is becoming very dangerous these days! 现如今, the plane literally hit the ground and bounced, the Opposition and the ruling party would blame each other that there could be some deal (scam) in the acquisition of Boeing 737!!!� Habits die hard with our politicians!! 如果这件事发生在印度,各人都平安无事,当地电视台WOKV-TV称,显示这架飞机上有迈阿密国际航空公的标志,逃过了一劫 prince punnoose 4 hours ago Hollywood just got a script for Sully 2 好莱坞刚刚拿到了《萨利机长事2》的剧本 Rahul Rahul 5 hours ago Next Boeing will land on highway 下次波音飞机将降落在高速公路上 Gundu 2 hours ago Tomorrow feku will blame nehru for this in his election rally. 明天。

a spokesman for Naval Air Station Jacksonville said. 美国水师航空站讲话人称,说购置波音737可能有猫腻!! 我们政客的禀性难移! ! Ramesh Bangalore 4 hours ago Even for this Mamata Didi might blame as usual Modi. 就连这件事, it bounced again。

似乎美国人的命比别人更廉价了, Ramesh Bangalore 4 hours ago